Lillian is an accredited Hollywood writer who writes compelling stories that hook the readers.

She loves working with fellow writers to help them find their voice in the stories they want to tell.

Lillian is all about telling stories with authenticity. Her approach is to understand the human behind the writer, the motivations, and the aspirations, then spark the magic within the writer and on the page to tell the best version of the story.

Services Offered

Feature film script

You have a draft of your screenplay and need professional feedback

TV script

You have a draft of your TV script and need professional feedback


You have a movie or TV show idea but need guidance on the best version of the story and the way into the story


You need guidance on your idea, outline, draft, pitch, or contest application, or you want a coach alongside your journey.

The exact nature of each consultation varies, because each writer is unique, but all services include an evaluation of character, plot structure, scene craft, concept, theme, dialogue, and sustainability over multiple seasons if it’s a pilot script.

Ready to spark some magic? Reach out with your needs and inquire about services and fees.

It was such a pleasure to have Lillian critique the pilot episode of my limited series. Lillian gave a phenomenal, in-depth analysis of my logline, story, characterization, arcs, tone, dialogue, and pacing — the whole nine yards! Her experience and professional insights were top shelf and will no doubt energize my writing to the next level. I cannot thank her enough!
~ Christopher M.
"I absolutely loved speaking with Lillian Wang. Brilliant! One of the best creative days of my life!”
~ Thomas S.
"Lillian’s script consultation was an eye-opening experience for me when I was struggling with a rewrite of my screenplay. With the professionalism and keen eye of a currently working writer she was supportive but firm in asking core questions and providing precise suggestions that spoke to the essence of what the issues were in my script. After my consultation with her I was able to do a rewrite on my script and submit it for professional scrutiny with a level of confidence that I would never have had without her.”
~ Takeo Hori